Announcing the Author Success Club

Author Success Club

Today marks the launch of my newest endeavor to help authors build successful long-term careers: the Author Success Club.

The Author Success Club is a premium membership club hosted on Ko-fi. Every month, the Author Success Club provide new resources to help members improve one of the following areas of their careers:

  • Marketing – Most resources will focus on digital marketing since that’s what my expertise is in, but there will also be resources to help you sell books at in-person events.
  • Health – This might not seem career related, but when your health falls apart, so does everything else. The Author Success Club will share resources on how to make self care part of your routine in order to maintain the health of your brain and body.
  • Writing craft – All of the marketing advice in the world will only get you so far if you don’t have the basics of writing craft down. I’ve already got resources planned to help you develop key components of craft like character development and setting creation.

Members will also get first access to all future Business for Authors events and programs.

Membership tiers

There are currently four membership tiers in the Author Success Club.

1. Writer

Cost: $1.50/month

Members at this tier get my eternal gratitude, access to the Author Career Planning workbook, behind-the-scenes updates, and first access to all future Business For Authors events and programs.

2. Author

Cost: $5/month

This tier is for writers who want to get serious about the business of publishing and developing a long-term author career. Members at this level get everything from the Writer tier plus:

  • The Branding for Fiction Authors workbook
  • Access to a new mini-workbook each month

Upcoming workbooks include Monthly Reflections and Goals, Quarterly Reflections and Goals, and an Email Marketing Planner.

3. Community Author

Cost: $15/month

Members at this level get access to everything from the writer tier + access to the Author Success Club Discord server, which includes regular marketing check-ins, space for discussing the current month’s workbook, and channels for organizing author marketing collaborations.

4. Author Pro

Cost: $50/month

Members at this level get access to everything in the Author Pro tier + the ability to send me your worksheets each month for personalized feedback! (Note that some rules apply)

Limit: Due to the intensive nature of work involved in managing Author Pro members, this tier is limited to 10 members.

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