Archive Optimization

Do you run a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel? Does the thought of retroactively optimizing your archives for search engines fill you with dread? I’ve got a solution for you!

Archive Optimization Service

For $20USD per hour, I will read/listen to/watch your archives and update all of your content to meet current SEO guidelines. This includes:

  • Identifying a focus keyword for each piece of content
  • Rewriting content to focus on the appropriate keyword
  • Removing and/or updating broken links
  • Updating older articles with internal links to new content

How to estimate your cost: Most of the time, one hour = one piece of content optimized. This means you can expect to pay $20USD/article in most instances, with an additional 2-5 hours of consultation time depending on the size of your archive. Sites with longer or shorter content may end up paying a higher rate per piece of content.

How to book your archive optimization: Email me at diannalgunn @ with a link to your website or YouTube channel for a free project estimate and instructions on how to move forward.