What I Learned – and What I Regret – About Launching My First Book on Kickstarter

Earlier this year, Brandon Sanderson ran a Kickstarter to publish four novels he wrote during the pandemic and earned a whopping $41.7 million. This wasn’t the first Kickstarter run by an author or even by Sanderson himself, but the size of this campaign brought it into the public eye and got everyone talking about the […]

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Best Patreon Alternatives for Content Creators and Authors

Best Patreon Alternatives

Patreon provides millions of creative entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build a sustainable monthly income, but the company has faced several controversies the past few years, most recently when it suggested incorporating NFTs into its systems. As decisions like these have eroded trust in Patreon, more and more people are seeking Patreon alternatives […]

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10 Twitter Tips for Authors Based on 10 Years of Experience

Twitter Tips for Authors

Twitter might not have a billion users like Facebook does, but the bird app is still a powerful social media platform for many businesses, especially in the publishing industry. In fact, as the most word-based of all the major social media platforms, Twitter has naturally evolved into the place to forge connections with writers and […]

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