Branding for Fiction Authors

Branding for Fiction Authors Workbook

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Have you spent months or even years writing and rewriting a novel, only to discover that there’s much more to publishing than you imagined? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of business advice out there? Unsure of where to start?

Branding for Fiction Authors: A Workbook for Authors With No Business Experience provides a step-by-step process for creating an authentic author brand so you can build a devoted fan base.

By the end of this workbook, you will have developed the following essential aspects of your brand:

  • Brand definition
  • Brand aesthetic
  • Brand voice
  • Brand keywords
  • Book profiles to establish how your existing works fit within your overall brand

You will also receive the tools to create important marketing materials, including author bios for a variety of contexts, book titles, and book blurbs.

Best of all, it’s only $6.99!

Praise for Branding for Fiction Authors

Branding for Fiction Authors provides comprehensive, step-by-step processes for building a brand as an author. Authors who have never run a business before, or who struggle to create quality book titles and blurbs, will level up their careers by working through the exercises in this workbook.” – J. Thorn, Career Author Podcast

“I hired Dianna as an SEO consultant for my author website and found her recommendations so helpful. I wish I had this workbook before I published my first novel, but I’ll be referring to it a lot from now on!” ~ Cait Gordon, author of Life in the ’Cosm and The Stealth Lovers

Branding for Fiction Authors is a brilliant resource for authors who are intimidated by the business side of writing. The exercises for blurb and book title creation are especially helpful.” ~ Sloane Taylor, author of the Make Meals Together series

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why an ebook?

Branding for Fiction Authors: A Workbook for Authors with No Business Experience is not meant to be a one-use workbook. Your brand will grow and change over time, and you will need to revisit some or all of the exercises contained within this book. The book blurb and title exercises, in particular, can be reused many times. This is easier to do if you have the power to print new copies of the appropriate worksheets whenever you wish.