Infinite Horizons Storytelling Sessions: Worldbuilding Deep Dive

Share your worldbuilding knowledge The Weeknight Writers group is hosting its second virtual event! This time, we'll be hosting a one-day worldbuilding conference on February 20th, 2021. The event will feature seven panels: Building Fictional Religions: Mythology and Religious RitualsAccessibility in Worldbuilding: Understanding How Disabled People Move Through Your WorldHard vs Soft vs Hybrid: Creating Interesting and Effective Magic Systems Elections vs Thrones: Writing Power,  Class and Government in Speculative FictionWe Don’t Take Imperial Credits: Developing Economics, Currency, and Trade in Speculative FictionConlang Development: Enriching Your Storytelling with New Words All panels will be conducted on Zoom. This event is Pay What You Can, with proceeds going directly into equipment and marketing costs for future events. Who can be a panelist? Anyone who a) loves science fiction and fantasy and…
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