Magic-tech, Steampunk and other Cross/Sub-genres: Skirting the Fringes of Sci-fi

Magic-tech, Steampunk and other Cross/Sub-genres: Skirting the Fringes of Sci-fi – March 19, 2022 at 5:30 pm EST

Why are we drawn to the liminal spaces? Around standard ‘core’ Science Fiction subgenres, such as Space Opera, Time Travel, or , subcategories like Steampunk (which combines Science Fiction aspects with Historical and/or Fantasy elements), Zombie fiction (Sci-fi+Horror elements), and Science-Fantasy or Magi-tech (Magic as/is Science; or Magic exists separately alongside Technology) not only exist but thrive.

What can we learn from exploring these cross-genre spaces? This panel will explore why some of the most interesting stories under the Science Fiction umbrella term exist on the fringes of the genre, what opportunities draw writers to liminal genre spaces, and what to be aware of when exploring the fringes of Science Fiction in your own writing!

This panel is part of Storycrafting Sessions: Science Fiction, a 100% FREE virtual conference happening on March 19th!

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The Moderator

Dianna Gunn

Dianna Gunn is a freelance writer by day and a fantasy author by night. Her sword and sorcery novel, Moonshadow’s Guardian, was released in November 2018. 

When she’s not writing, Gunn can be found working to develop the indie author community. She hosts the #WeeknightWriters Twitter chat at 7PM EST and runs the Author Marketing Club.

The Guests

KJ Harrowick

K. J. Harrowick is a fantasy and science fiction author with a strong passion for twisted stories blending grimdark worlds and futurist technology with threads of romance and revenge. In her early years, she loved to cozy up on her library’s giant orange couches, which is where she first fell in love with SFF books.

In 2004, she began to build her own exotic worlds and create fantasy languages, toying around with ideas for characters, cultures, and magic systems. A few years later she was writing stories and stuffing them in the darkest corner under her bed where they’d never see the light of day. But her heart couldn’t stay away, and in 2014 it became a full-blown passion to write and publish her own books.

K.J. is the co-creator of Writer In Motion, Rewrite It Club, the creator of Winterviews and the 2020 Director for CampRevPit, sharing her love of community with those around her. She’s also won first prize in the #WonderPitch contest (2017), contributed to Dan Koboldt’s Science in Sci-Fi series with the article “Erroneous Code in Fiction” (November 2018), was a panelist in the Write Hive online convention (April 2020), and was a RevPit winner (May 2020).

Her debut novel Bloodflower is slotted for fall 2021 where she hopes to capture readers hearts by casting a grimdark lens on what might happen when a woman who craves peace is thrust into a world of revenge and sacrifice.

With an unhealthy obsession with dragons, tacos, cheese, and beer, K. J. also works as a freelance web developer and graphic designer on a broad range of client projects before falling down the occasional rabbit hole.  K. J. has an Associates Degree in Independent Studies.

Ricardo Victoria Uribe

Ricardo Victoria Uribe is a Mexican writer, who lives in Toluca, State of Mexico. Ricardo studied Industrial Design at the School of Architecture & Design of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, where he currently works as a lecturer focused on sustainability. He holds a Ph.D. in Design from Loughborough University and is one of the founding members of Inklings Press, an indie publisher of short stories anthologies of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and horror.

His short story “Twilight of the Mesozoic Moon”, co-written with author and fellow Inklings Press co-founder Brent A. Harris, was nominated for the 2016 Sidewise Awards for Alternate History. His horror stories “Bone Peyote” and “The Sound of Madness” were featured on The Wicked Library Podcast. Other short stories of his have been featured in anthologies by indie outfits such as Inklings Press, Rivenstone Press, and Aradia Publishing. Ricardo has also co-authored a book chapter on worldbuilding and system thinking, included in the book Worlds Apart: Worldbuilding in Fantasy and Science Fiction from Luna Press Publishing.

In August of 2019 his debut science fantasy novel Tempest Blades: the Withered King was published by Shadow Dragon Press, an imprint of Artemesia Publishing, LLC. It was listed as a finalist for the 2020 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. The sequel, Tempest Blades: The Cursed Titans was published in August of 2021, and he is currently working on the third book in the series.

Ricardo is a fan of anime, 80s’ Saturday morning cartoons, Japanese RPG videogames, toys, and mythology, all of which clearly influence his writing. He also likes dogs.

Varden M Frias

Varden M Frias is an independent author of weird gothic fiction, and Lovecraftian and retropunk Sci-fi. He has self-published novels and short story collections on multiple platforms including Amazon and Draft 2 Digital. When he isn’t writing novels and short stories, he works odd jobs to feed his cat Grem, takes walks in nature, performs livestreams on social media, and makes art. 

Matthew X Gomez

Matthew X. Gomez‘s work has has appeared in Pulp Modern, KZINE, Econoclash Review, and Grimdark. He was one of the two coeditors of the cult New Pulp magazine Broadswords and Blasters. He released his first collection of fiction God in Black Iron and Other Stories in 2020, and his cybernoir novel Project Prometheus in 2022.

He currently resides in Maryland with his wife, two children, and three cats. He has the extremely futuristic job of sitting at a computer and staring at spreadsheets most of the day. He can be found on twitter @mxgomez78 and at his website.

Find the full schedule for all our event panels here! Magic-tech, Steampunk and other Cross/Sub-genres: Skirting the Fringes of Sci-fi is a part of the Storycrafting Sessions: Science Fiction virtual conference.

This event is hosted by the Weeknight Writers group and sponsored by Renaissance Press.

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