Resources for Writers

Writing & Writing Community

The Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers provides a virtual campus filled with Zoom courses (both scheduled and on demand) and Discord chats where authors can exchange knowledge, critiques, and support one another.

Worldbuilding Magazine is exactly what it says on the tin–er, cover. Check out their website to download copies of the magazine, read blog posts between issues, or listen to their companion podcast.

Limyaael’s Rants is a collection of publishing and writing rants that covers a broad spectrum of subjects.

The Spoonie Author’s Network provides support and guidance for writers with chronic illness. might be the home of November’s National Novel Writing Month, but forums are open year round and also support “camps” in April and July. It’s a great place to ask questions and connect with other writers by genre, location, or other area of interest (authors who use typewriters, anyone?).

For Poets

Writer’s Digest has a comprehensive list of poetic forms. Even if you’re not a poet, poke around on their site for writing prompts, business articles for authors, calls for submission, and contests.

On Diversity and Inclusion

Writing the Other is a guide to writing characters who don’t share your experience and heritage, and how to do so in a sensitive and respectful manner.

World Building

The Language Construction Kit and Creating Fictional Languages are your guides to creating your own fictional language.

Once you have your fake language, Using Conlang Without Ruining Your Story can help you work in those made-up words without ruining the reader’s day.

The Art of Language Invention by David J Peterson is an e-book guide to making your own languages from the expert who consulted for Game of Thrones.

If you’re looking for more books on world building and fictional languages, check out Holly Lisle’s books which cover everything from languages and cultures to plot and more. And if you want to see those tips in action, she writes fiction, too.

Audio & Video Podcasts

Sawbones–For those inclined to medical mysteries or historical fiction, this podcast explores the “weird, gross, and sometimes downright dangerous ways we tried to solve our medical woes through the ages.”

Well There’s Your Problem–Interested in man-made disasters? This Youtube channel delves into the many varied engineering fails from history up through present day.

Artifexian–a video podcast all about world building.

Lingthusiasm–an audio podcast all about language and linguistics. Transcripts of each episode are also provided on the website.

Writer, Writer Pants on Fire–Author Mindy McGinnis hosts this delightful tour through writing and publishing, interviewing indie and traditionally published authors and offering information on querying, writing, and publishing.

The Literati Cast–Agent Jennifer Laughran interviews editors, agents, authors and illustrators in the world of children’s books (board books through young adult, but mostly middle grade and below).