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Weeknight Writers is a social enterprise dedicated to creating accessible educational resources and events for fiction authors, run by the Business for Authors team. The time and energy the Business for Authors team puts into this endeavor is paid for by contributions on Ko-fi and purchases from the merch store.

#WeeknightWriters Twitter chat

The Weeknight Writers group began as a Twitter chat on Thursday nights at 7PM EST. The chat happens almost every single week (exceptions are made for certain holidays) and provides an opportunity for writers to come together and share their struggles. To join us, search the #WeeknightWriters chat at 7PM EST on a Thursday night.

Storycrafting Sessions

Storycrafting Sessions are one-day virtual conferences with panels exploring a specific aspect of writing, such as worldbuilding or story structure. These events are 100% free to attend.

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Previous Events

Storycrafting Sessions: Character Development

This event featured five panels about character development, with topics like writing inclusive casts and building effective character relationships.

Storycrafting Session: Exploring Story Structure

Exploring Story Structure

Event date: July 3

Event hours: 11AM EST – 6PM EST

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Big thank you to Renaissance Press for sponsoring this event!

The Exploring Story Structure event featured five panels on topics ranging from balancing action and emotion to exploring alternatives to the hero’s journey, plus an extra-special Editors Talk panel about how to self-assess your story structure before sending your work off to an editor.

Storycrafting Session: Worldbuilding Deep Dive

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Held on February 20th, 2021, the Worldbuilding Deep Dive event heralded the beginning of the Storycrafting Sessions. This one-day conference featured panel discussions about things like magic systems and developing conlangs. You can view more information about this event, including recordings of all the panels, on the Worldbuilding Deep Dive page.

Weeknight Writers Virtual Conference

Hosted on September 26th and 27th of 2020, the Weeknight Writers Virtual Conference was the first Weeknight Writers event open to the public. This two-day conference explored numerous topics related to the craft of writing and the business of publishing.

Help us create jobs for writers AND keep our events free

So far, Weeknight Writers events have relied on the effort of several enthusiastic volunteers. The next step is to turn some of those volunteers into paid employees, but there’s a catch: we want to keep our Storycrafting Sessions free. This might sound outrageous, but I believe we can pull it off if our amazing community comes together.

There are a couple of ways you can help us achieve these big goals:

Every contribution helps!